Lotto by Text – 10 Free EuroMillions Lines And £2.50 Cashback

Lotto by Text runs the world’s first National Lottery & Euromillions syndicate service on the mobile. Each day they’re offering free chances to enter the next EuroMillions and/or National Lottery draw. LottobyText sends these syndicate tickets as a mobile text message to your phone. Every week you’ll receive your chargeable lottery results alerts. What’s more LottobyText sends to your mobile the Lottery results and EuroMillions results as they are announced so you need never miss a draw or draw result again. Simply enter your mobile number to get Lottery and EuroMillions results and LottobyText will also send your lottery syndicate numbers to your mobile.

Now, get 10 Free EuroMillions lines on Lotto by Text! Simply enter your mobile number, text back and your 10 free EuroMillions or Lotto syndicate entries will be sent to your mobile! It’s a no brainer – it could be the best decision you ever make! You can stop the service from your mobile at any time. In addition, earn cashback when you sign up, that is £2.50 for a customer who remains a member of Lotto by Text for at least 7 days.

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