TalkTalk provides pay television, telecommunications, Internet access and mobile network services to businesses and consumers in the United Kingdom. Fixed Price plans – fix your price until 2018. Unlimited Broadband and Fibre products – no caps. Inclusive Mobile Deals available for existing customers. Competitive price points.
Extra cashback until 28th March. Fast Broadband - £17 a month for 18 months, £0 setup fee. Fast Broadband with TV - £24 a month for 18 months (£25 box cost), £0 setup fee, Includes £7 TV Select. Fast Broadband with TV Plus - £24 a month for 18 months (£50 box Cost), £0 setup fee, Includes £7 TV Select until 28th March.

Summary of Offers at TalkTalk

Online Cashback at TalkTalk

Earn up to £32.50 with online purchases! Earn Cashback

New customers get the following cashback - £27.50 on Fast Broadband, Fast Broadband with Standard TV, £22.50 on Fast Broadband with TV Plus, Faster Fibre with TV Plus, £32.50 on Faster Fibre, Faster Fibre with TV Standard.

Existing customers get the following cashback - £17.50 on Upgrade to Faster Fibre, Upgrade to TV Plus, £15 on Upgrade to TV Standard.

Deal of the Week

-   Spring Bathroom Redecoration   2% Cashback

Spring Bathroom Redecoration. 5% off with code: March5 until 31st March. Free Delivery on orders over £500. Live chat available from 7am to 9pm to assist any enquiries. Zero deposit interest free credit, buy now, pay later.

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