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Welcome to the Discount and Cashback shopping site for NHS Staff in the UK. Please read our terms of use and contact us if you need any clarifications. This page explains our obligations to you and yours to us. By using our services and registering as a member, you agree to all these terms and conditions.

Membership to Staff Discounts Portal - Cashback Discount Shopping portal for NHS Staff

Membership is only open to NHS staff members and their families in the UK. It is free to join as a member and our service will always be provided free of charge. Only one account is allowed per person and no one else is allowed to use your account.

You can cancel your membership anytime without any charges imposed by us. There is no obligation to buy anything from anyone if you join as our member. We reserve the right to refuse membership or terminate your membership anytime without notice. If we terminate your account, we will pay you the cash back you earned until then, providing you have reached the minimum payment.

Prevention of Fraud

We will never ask for your credit card or bank account details either on our website, through phone or through emails. We reserve the right to check your IP address or verify that you work in the NHS., to prevent people from fraudulently joining our site and using the services. We reserve the right to block access to our website if we suspect fraud including blocking access from certain countries outside the UK.

Cash Back Rewards and Discounts for NHS Staff

You should be logged into our website and visit the retailers by clicking on their links to earn your cash back. When the retailer pays us the commission for your purchase, we share it with you by giving it to you as a cash back reward.

In the uncommon event of a retailer not paying us or delaying payments for whatever reason, we will do our best to chase up the payment and award you the cash back, but the retailer's decision would be final whether they pay us. Unless we get paid by them, we can not pay you. If they reverse the payment, for example if a product is returned, we will also have to reverse the cash back on your account. If we suspect fraud or in the event of a dispute, we reserve the right to make a decision on cash back payments to our members.

Cashback payments are processed monthly and left over balance in your account will be carried over to the next months. We only post cheques to valid UK postal addresses and make paypal payments if you provide a valid UK postal address. This is to avoid people from outside the UK misusing our site.

Privacy Policy

We will not rent or sell your email address or any of your details to anyone else. We take our members privacy seriously. We are registered and comply with the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Please see our Privacy Policy.

News Letters and service announcements

It is a condition of your membership that you agree for us to send you newsletters and service announcements to your email address. These newsletters can be sent out at varying frequency, but seldom more than once a week.

Since we DO NOT share your information with anyone, you will not get any junk mail. This also helps us to make sure our members continue to have valid email address. If you have any problems with this please contact us.


We provide the shopping links to the online retailers for various products and services. When you click on these links, you will leave our site and make the purchase directly from the retailer concerned.

Since we do not sell any of these products or services ourselves, all issues regarding the product, payment, warranty etc should be addressed directly with the relevant online shop or retailer and not us.

Even though we take utmost care in checking who we list on our site, we are not in any way responsible for the content of their websites, their services, availability or products.

Our service is provided on an "as seen" or "as available" basis and without any warranties, express or implied including but not limited to warranties of satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, functionality, security, accuracy and availability.

To the extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any losses or damage caused directly or indirectly to anyone resulting in using our website.

The content of our site and reviews or comments by anyone including other members should not be taken as advice and it is up to you to make your decisions regarding your purchases.


All copyrights, trademarks, content, graphics, design and source code of our website remain the property of V A C Media Ltd and to copy, transmit, download, reproduce, rent, sell or distribute in any manner without written consent of the owners is not allowed. Violators of copyright laws are likely to face legal action. Of course you can download, copy or print our pages for your own personal, non commercial home use.


We reserve the right to modify the terms and conditions or any part of our website or services at anytime. If we modify the terms and conditions, we will post it on our website and from the date of posting, it will apply to all our members including the existing ones.

The terms and conditions of our services and any disputes if they arise shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England without reference to rules governing choice of laws. By joining as our member of our website you hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts and indemnify V A C Media Ltd for any loss, expenses or damage caused by you breaching these terms and conditions.

You should not use this website or any of our services for any illegal or immoral activities.

High Street Cashback

By registering the number of your credit/debit or charge cards (Registered Card Numbers) in the Rewards Program, you hereby authorise us to disclose your Registered Card Numbers to `Reward` (meaning Sports Loyalty Card Limited trading as 'Reward', Registered in England No: 4158111. Registered Office: Lion House, Red Lion Street, London WC1R 4GB), to retailers or their suppliers (even if you never use the Identifier Card Numbers with one or more of those retailers) to identify and calculate any entitlement to Cashback Rewards . We and `Reward` on our behalf, will collect any and all information from any retailer, merchant acquirer, credit card processor, issuing bank, or any other available source with respect to the purchases made using your Registered Card Numbers. You represent that with respect of each Registered Card Number that you have provided that you are entitled to register that card number and receive information about the transactions effected using such card.

You may only register a maximum of 15 Registered Card Numbers per account, however this may include cards belonging to other members of your household/family providing that they have consented to the registration of their Registered Card Number(s) to assist you to collect Cashback Rewards. We may request that you provide written evidence of such consent at any time. If we are not satisfied that all Registered Card Numbers are included with the holder's consent we reserve the right to de-register any or all Registered Card Numbers on your Account.

Each Registered Card Number may only be registered at any one time to one service in the world through which cards are used as identifiers for the purpose of crediting rewards (whether Cashback Rewards, points or other kinds of rewards) when shopping with designated retailers. In the event of more than one attempted registration of the same Registered Card Number the last registration will prevail and previous registrations will be automatically de-registered.

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